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June 18, 2005
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Nothing can last forever by ellaine Nothing can last forever by ellaine
Znajomy adres te same schody / Familiar address, the same stairs
I nagły przestrach u drzwi / and sudden fright at the door
A może to wszystko się śni? / What if it's all only a dream?


Lęk głuchy lęk
Na dnie skryty gdzieś / Fear hidden somewhere deep inside

Wtedy dziwisz się / Then you are wondering
Że tak kocham nieprzytomnie / that I love so wildly
Jakby zaraz świat
miał się skończyć / as if the world could end at once
Kiedy pytasz mnie / and when you ask me
Czemu rzucam się jak w ogień
Wprost w ramiona twe / why I leap into your arms like in the fire,
myślę sobie / I wonder

Nic nie może przecież wiecznie trwać / nothing can last forever after all
Co zesłał los trzeba będzie stracić / what fortune gave us we will have to lose
Nic nie może przecież wiecznie trwać / nothing can last forever
Za miłość też
przyjdzie kiedyś nam zapłacić / one day we will have to pay for our love too

Anna Jantar - Nic nie moźe wiecznie trwać
(Translated by the united forces of me and ~maudt (Once again thanks a lot^^), so read or die;p )

I know that song for very long already and I love it. And when I was listening to it lately, I've got this idea suddenly, I can't help.
And there's a reason why they don't look at each other, try to figure out. Anyway, practising realistic painting on one layer. And I really like the results:D. Full view please!

Detail: [link]
And some kind of wallpaper, or just another detail shot (my favourite part of this picture actually): [link]

Painter8, about 5 hours

Anakin and Padme belong to George Lucas
Art by me
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phantom-jedi1 Mar 2, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I love how he's not even looking at her...
so sweet......
p.s.:right,nothing last forever in this world...
this is a very pretty pic. nice job :D
PunkChicScarlett Aug 30, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
This is really cool :) I love Anakin
Exelent I adore this pic!

Keep up the good work.
BlackInkHeart Jan 1, 2007  Student General Artist
this picture makes me cry, it oozes emotion!
I really like the feel of this peice. And the fact that you can only see Padme's face, it makes Anakin seem very ambilivalnt but you can see he is her rock-the only thing she can cling to. Amazing work.
cholerka kochana ostatnio tylko zyje tym smutnym tristanem i izoldą to mnie żeś dobiła :)
omg omg i am dead
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